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When people first learn about the jars money management system, they can’t believe how simple it is. Not only is it the 50/20/30 rule on steroids, but when people start managing their money this way, it’s hard for them to stop. I’ve been using the same system for 10+ years and, it has changed my life. 

Transform Your Finances Email Course | Simplifinances

What will we be covering

Believe you have what it takes

Day #1: Eliminating negative beliefs around money and help you believe that you have what it takes

What if you don't like using cash?

Day #4: I give you alternative methods to using the same money management system digitally

Get clear on your financial picture

Day #2: We start by getting clear on your goals, your income, your expenses and your net worth

What if you don't make enough money?

Day #5: Covers multiple ways to help you make extra income if the money management system is too hard

the jars money management system

Day #3: I introduce you to the money management system that literally changed my life

Why some people never reach their financial goals

Day #6: We go over many of the things that keep people from reaching their goals and what you can do to change that

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