Achievement App: Get Paid for Healthy Activity

Achievement App: Get Paid for Healthy Activity

Most people don’t spend enough time on their health. The idea of living a healthy life is a simple concept, but eating healthy and exercising is hard.

You may set out to improve your health only to find yourself unmotivated once again.

What if there was an app to give you a little bit of motivation? Not only to be healthy but to also get paid for it?

Sign me up!

What is the Achievement App?

I’ve been a long time user of the Achievement app since 2016. Every few months, I transfer $10 to my PayPal account for having the app downloaded and tracking my steps.

The Achievement App | Simplifinances

The Achievement app rewards you for healthy activities like steps, tracking your health, and completing health related surveys. It has over 15,000 reviews on the app store and over 3 million members getting paid for health actions.

Here’s what they have to say on their website:

Backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley and driven by a social mission to help drive scientific research forward and make America healthier, we literally pay you cash (via direct deposit or PayPal) to do healthy things like walking, eating well, and even sleeping! We also provide any consumer with the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge health research.

And here’s what one user had to say:

“My sister told me about it, and it seemed too good to be true at first. But when she said that she had already received $20, I signed up. It was so easy and a monetary motivation really encouraged me to get up and get moving.”- Estella

Why Should You Sign Up?

Here are 5 reasons you should sign up for the Achievement App today:

Get Paid for Healthy Actions | The Achievement App | Simplifinances
  1. Get paid for healthy actions. I already mentioned this, and it should be the primary reason you sign up. Getting rewarded for making healthy decisions makes sense.
  2. Connect other apps like Twitter and MyFitnessPal to earn more points. When you connect 1 of over 20 apps, you’ll earn points faster.
  3. Redeem your points for cash or give to your favorite charities. You can receive cash, or if you want to make a more significant impact on the world, you can donate your points to a charity. Making healthy choices to help charities sounds like the right thing to do.
  4. It’s one of the top health apps in the app store. Everyone’s doing it, and if you’re not using the app, you’re missing out.
  5. Participate in research. You also have the opportunity to contribute to health research. I answer quick surveys about the coronavirus all the time. I also completed an in-depth study of my allergies and earned $50.

How to Sign Up

To sign up, click this link which will take you to the app store to create an account. Signing up is easy.

They will ask you for basic information to get started like your height, weight, phone number, email, birthday, and address. I believe you don’t have to give all of your information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ve created an account and connected it to Apple Health or Fitbit, the only thing you have to do is leave it on your phone running in the background.

Depending on how many steps per day you take, the faster you’ll be able to cash out. Literally that’s all there is to it.

Sign up for the Achievement App | Simplifinances


I want to help you earn extra income in as many ways as possible. Signing up for the Achievement app is a straightforward life hack that can help you get ahead. Getting paid to make healthy choices makes sense, so why wouldn’t you sign up?

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Click here to get started with your health journey and get paid.

The Achievement App: Get Paid for Healthy Activity | Simplifinances

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