Mothers are the backbone of the U.S. economy.

My son will be 15 months old in four days and he’s becoming a handful. Getting into things, climbing onto things, eating dirt, throwing food, throwing fits, and deciding randomly when he would prefer to be awake than asleep.

It’s a lot of work. 

I don’t know how my wife is able to take care of him, me, and the house, while still running a business. She deserves an applause. 👏🏼 

We by no means have it all together but she does a great job! I can be a father, provide for my family, and still pursue my passion because of the workload she covers. 

Saves us a lot of money as well! Cooking meals, being the daycare, doing the laundry, taking our son to the doctor, grocery shopping, the list goes on and on. She should easily be making 60k per year if not more because that’s how much she saves us each year. 

So, how impactful are mothers? I’m sharing a video with you that will explain exactly what I’m talking about.  

To all the mothers out there, thank you for all that you do! You are appreciated. 

Be sure to watch the video below. It’s a good one! 

Moms throughout the world give up their lives to raise their children.

My plan was to share a different blog post but switched it up in light of mothers day yesterday.

I’m also grateful for all that my mother did to raise me. I believe I was perfectly parented by her. She instilled in me the desire to work hard. She helped me discover my passion and gave me a lot of self-awareness. She helped me learn to respect others and to give rather than take. She has been an example to me of love and perseverance. 

Happy day after Mother’s Day!

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